When you come up against a big business, you need an attorney that's confident, especially when you're scared to death. He's got that covered. Like his website states, "You'll Never Walk Alone."
– Employment Client


Cost of Employment Litigation

Ever wondered what a typical employment law case costs to litigate? Alot of attorney hours are after all spent on reviewing the case, drafting pleadings and motions to file in court, depositions, interviewing the client and so on. A recent survey conducted by the EEOC and Jury Verdict Research gives us an idea of just […]

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The Death of Jury Trials.

Clients are frequently surprised when I inform them that in civil actions, unlike a criminal case, you are not automatically entitled to a jury. In a civil matter, such as in an employment law discrimination case or in a wage and hour case, the Plaintiff/employee has to fight to get a jury trial. Only after […]

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