He also kept me informed of the proceeding every step of the way; I thought I had my own personal company attorney.
– G&J Trucking, Employment Client

Current Cases

Charging Party v. Telecom

Plaintiff is an African American female who while employed as a Sales Associate at Silver Spring was subject to harassment and discrimination because of her sex. She was also discriminated because of her disability. The case is still pending investigation by the EEOC.

Charging Party v. Health Corp.

Plaintiff was terminated hours after she informed her employer that she had a terminal illness.  A charge was filed for discrimination as under the American Disabilities Act. The case is still pending investigation by the EEOC. If no resolution is reached within the 180 days investigatory period, an action will be filed in Court.

Ali v. BC Architects. Case No. 18-cv-1385

Ali an Arab female was subject to retaliation after complaining about work placed discrimination. Ali filed a complaint seeking $3 million in damages. The case is presently in discovery at the US Eastern District Court of Virginia (EDVA).

Alfaro & Alfaro v. Marriott International Inc. Case No. 2017 CA 367B

Plaintiffs were bartenders at Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C when they were terminated and replaced by male staff persons. The female plaintiff was also sexually harassed by her supervisor, when he asked her for sexual favors. An action for discrimination, harassment (hostile work environment) and retaliation was filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

Chien v. U.S. State Department. Case No. 16-cv-1583

Plaintiff an Assistant Regional Security Officer at US Embassies was subject to sex discrimination and retaliation while employed by the State Department. The case is presently scheduled for trial sometime in 2021/2022.

Gordon v. District of Columbia. Case No. 2017 CA 37755B

Plaintiff an employee of D.C., was harassed by her male supervisor based on her sex and ethnicity. In 2017, an action was filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

Dickerson v. District of Columbia.  Case No. 2020 CA 1952 B.

Dickerson was an employee of the DC government, and was terminated for requesting accommodations under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). An action was filed at the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.

Employee v. Nevada Hospital

Employee a management official at a Nevada Hospital witnessed Medicare fraud at the medical facility. She was also discriminated on the basis of her sex and ethnicity. An administrative charge was filed with the EEOC. An action under the State and Federal whistleblower laws is also being processed.

Pascone v. Oracle. Case No. 20-cv-1593

Employee of Italian-American ancestry was discriminated because of his Italian race, and was also subject to sex based harassment from his Director. A complaint was filed seeking $3 million in damages in December 2020 at the US Eastern District Court of Virginia (EDVA).

Young v. Washington Gas and Temporary Solutions. Case No. 2021 CA 000214B. 

Young a Black female was subject to age and race discrimination while working for her joint employers Washington Gas and Temporary Solutions. An action was filed in DC Superior Court in January 2021.



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