AJ had full confidence and trust in me and in my case that he told me, "I will get your job back!" And he surely did.
– Harjit, Employment Client




I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. AJ Dhali on 6/27/14 for a consultation. I was referred to him by a friend. Very attentive, knowledgeable receptive, and patient. I did not feel rushed and he answered my questions thoroughly. What I was very impressed about is I forgot to ask him a question the day of the consultation and emailed him the next day. He responded via email quickly and made me feel at ease regarding my inquiry. Consultation fee is reasonable and well worth it.


I've worked with dozens of lawyers from partners of multi-national firms to those who just passed the bar and I can honestly say AJ Dhali is one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is attentive to his clients' needs and not afraid to take on unique or challenging cases. When you hire AJ you can be sure that your calls and emails will be answered promptly and that he will do whatever is necessary to win. There are few other lawyer I've ever met that I could recommend as highly as AJ.


  When I first reached out to AJ over getting railroaded from my job I didn't even know what ADA and FMLA discrimination was. AJ gave me the first steps to take hoping that it would solve the problem even before talking lawsuits. When my employer refused to accede only then did we file a lawsuit. If he had not alerted me to take those first early steps I would have had no case. With AJ it is quality over quantity. He is not a lawyer that takes cases just to pad the bottom line. If he think's your case has a chance he will tell you straight up, likewise if your potential case looks bad he will tell you. When you hire him you hire him. You won't be talking to a answering service or a receptionist. What I have learned in this process is that justice is not about being right or wrong, it is about being the best prepared to make your case. With that you have to be prepared to realize that most defendants will spend a fortune to fight you even if it would cost less to settle. While a judge and jury may rule in your favor any potential damages may be far less than expected. (That's just the way federal courts work) You have to decide if you want a moral victory or a economic one. AJ will get you there. He was not only my lawyer but became my friend. He is there for you every step of the way, and yes we settled my case very successfully and I am under a NDA so I will have to post this anonymously.


  I was sure I would just have to accept what happened to me. I knew I was wronged, I didn’t know what to do about it though. That’s when I hired AJ Dhali. From the time of our first communication AJ had my case completely planned out and he always made me feel confident in what the outcome would be. AJ had everything under control and organized, and he asked me all the right questions so he could build a solid case. I supplied AJ with facts conveying what happened to me at the onset, but then AJ did everything else. I was so amazed at how he Instinctively knew and understood what I had been through. I sometimes have a difficulty explaining myself. AJ read between the lines and exercised a great deal of patience. He made me feel it was okay to ask many questions and have things explained in detail. I always felt in good hands. In the end, AJ won my case and I came away with more than I ever imagined. I’ve told many friends and acquaintances about AJ. If I ever need an attorney again, I won’t think twice about contacting AJ. If you’ve taken the time to read this review, I suggest you invest 15 minutes into calling AJ. It’ll be a great decision on your part, with a great outcome.


I hired AJ to help me settle my employee contract and wage dispute. I couldn`t have selected a better attorney! From day one he returned my phone calls and answered all my questions promptly. He conducted an initial assessment and then put a clear plan of action in place. He also send me additional reading materials that helped me understand the legal challenges in my complaint. He worked diligently on my case for two years at which time it was settled in my favour. AJ was always honest with me and never mislead me. In addition to acting as my attorney AJ provided me with a clear view of defendant’s attorney, Judge and Jury. Thanks again AJ, for your wonderful and professional services. I highly recommend AJ to anyone in need of a great attorney.

Kai, Employment Client

AJ helped me assess quickly and with a great deal of legal information, the potential options for me to proceed on a employment-labour matter. He was forthright, knowledgeable, responsive and best of all, provided me with choices based on several potential outcomes. I appreciated his willingness to explain legal matters in very simple lay-person's terms and to provide support to me whilst going through a difficult time. No question was stupid and he had the patience and personal relationship to ensure that I felt comfortable working with him.

Dip, Employment Client

I've known many lawyers over the years and AJ is unlike any of them, thankfully. I have unfortunately found most attorneys (in and out of the DC area) follow the business model of telling you what they believe you want to hear until your check is deposited into their account. Soon after, they are gone along with all their initial promises regarding your case. It's a real downer when that happens.

I was happy to find AJ soonafter he began his practice. Some people told me I was making a mistake and should go with a huge law firm that had been around for ages. I disagreed and I'm glad I did. My thought process was that you really have to know what you're doing to open your own practice, and it has to be your passion; you have to really want it to succeed. A huge law firm could mean there's a chance your lawyer is going through the motions just to collect a paycheck.

I remember I gave AJ so much documentation in the beginning. I felt what was happening to me was wrong, but needed a professional analysis. The previous attorney I was working with hadn't even looked through what I gave her, yet she had all the documents for at least 6 months. That woman had been in practice for at least 20 years too! AJ looked through all my documentation in a matter of days. I'll never forget when he leaned back in his chair, smiled, and said, "I'll take it. This looks like fun!" He was well aware he would be coming up against the big boys, but it didn't seem to phaze him. When you come up against a big business, you need an attorney that's confident, especially when you're scared to death. He's got that covered. Like his website states, "You'll Never Walk Alone." From my experience, that's a promise. Numerous times I was left in a panic, calling him at a moment's notice while my employer was intimidating me at my job. AJ was always reachable, advising me what to do in every circumstance. He talked me down from the ledge numerous times. The previous attorney I worked with, who claimed to be a Yale grad, regularly disappeared for weeks not returning messages. I felt like I was dropped in a war zone with no means of protection when I was working with her. Not once did I feel abandoned by AJ. He never gave up on me or my case.

Thanks to his hard work and countless hours, he managed to get my case settled for a decent amount. I had almost given up on believing people could get anywhere in this world unless they were crooked. He showed me honesty and perserverence does account for something and it's still worth the fight. All in all, there are very few people I can count on in this world; he's one of them.

Pamela, Employment Client

AJ is an excellent attorney, who is very committed to helping his clients get the best outcome. He is passionate about the values of justice, equity and diversity. I have seen him represent both women and men who have been discriminated against and he is sensitive to such difficult issues. He brings his clients a sense of ease that it will all work out OK. AJ is my attorney of record, handling all business and family matters and I plan to continue our relationship for the long-term. While it's a small matter, people in the US seem enamored with British accents and AJ's goes a long way in the courtroom.

Karen, Business Client

I had been looking for a lawyer that would take the time to hear my plea and see that I deserved justice for workplace related issues for some time with no success until I found AJ. I spoke with some lawyers who listened, but I was not so confident in their abilities. I could tell within the first few seconds that he was a very knowledgeable lawyer. AJ is unlike any other lawyer I have spoken with. What differentiates him is that I get the sense that he's more than just about a paycheck. I can tell that he loves what he does, and he's not wrapped up in that typical robotic lawyer style. He doesn't have that hurry up and get out of my face "I'm better than you," egotistical stance. He will actually listen to you, sympathize, and take the time to make sure that he's on the same page with you. This is exactly what I was looking for in a lawyer. My case just began, however I am confident that I made the right choice, and I have no doubt that he will fight for my rights.

Denise, Employment Client

I just completed my dealings with A.J. He is focused, brilliant (knows the law from A-Z), and practical. He does not back down in negotiations and will defend a case he believes in to the full extent of his ability. As far as I am concerned, he is the best.

Virginia, Lawsuits & Disputes Client

I obtained the services of Dhali P.C. for a workers compensation insurance premium problem. I am a small business owner and the insurance company had sent me a bill for $22,000. They claimed that the independent contractors were my employees and therefore I had to pay Workers Compensation Insurance for them. 

Mr. Dhali resolved the matter with them, sending them a detailed report on my labor situation and they sent me a final invoice for $0!

I was so pleased! I would highly recommend him. He also kept me informed of the proceeding every step of the way. I thought I had my own personal in-house corporate attorney. And in a way I guess I did.

G&J Trucking, Employment Client

It has been a true blessing to have AJ represent me in my wrongful termination case recently. He worked all hours researching and documenting my case and provided valuable advice, confidence, and support to my family and I. AJ is not only a true and true professional, but he's also a humble person who truly cares for you as a person. His priority is to help you and ultimately to win the case. And he did!

AJ had full confidence and trust in me and in my case that he told me, "I will get your job back!" And he surely did. I am truly grateful, Thank you! AJ is highly knowledgeable and he is very good at what he does. I highly recommend AJ as your attorney. Give him a shot. You won't be disappointed.

Harjit, Employment Client


I am ecstatic and so impressed by my interaction with Mr. AJ Dhali. I came to him in a very vulnerable state - feeling very alone and discouraged by my employment experience. I can't go into details about the case obviously, but suffice to say that he took me under his wing and advocated for the rights I had in my situation. He carefully took the facts and gave me feedback about what I could expect. AJ is compassionate, straightforward, thorough, prompt, and he delivers results.

To be more specific, AJ cares for minority populations. My case involved discrimination agains the LGBT community and AJ handled the emotions I had around what happened to me with care, while also letting me know what was realistic. He was extremely responsive to my emails. He also guided me in what was reasonable to ask for as we negotiated with the other side.

HIRE HIM! AJ seriously is the best and I would hire him again in 5 seconds, as would I recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

I am very happy with the way my situation turned out. My attorneys wouldn't have bothered to take my case for a variety of reasons, or they would have tried to rip me off. He did not take advantage of me and he treated me with respect while also getting the job done. Thank you AJ!


  I had a complicated case that many other top-notch lawyers from big law firms wouldn't touch wearing a hazmat suit! However, in AJ came to the rescue. He worked tirelessly to get the case resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. The best part is he actually responds to his texts and emails promptly! I promise you he won't ghost you! So, if you have a complicated case that you feel will never be resolved, I encourage you, stop thinking and start dialing. Call AJ. It's the best decision you will ever make in your entire life!!!!! Why are you still reading? Call!!!


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