AJ had full confidence and trust in me and in my case that he told me, "I will get your job back!" And he surely did.
– Harjit, Employment Client

Why Choose Us

Three Reasons

The first reason is that 90% of the time in employment litigation, the employer wins in what is called a “Motion for Summary Judgment.” This is a legal document the employer files with the court, arguing that your case has no legal merit, that the employer has broken no laws, and therefore the court needs to throw your case out, and not allow it to be heard and decided by a jury of your peers. Our firm has to date, been very successful in defeating these motions; infact not to boast, but our chances of defeating their motions are now 90% or higher.

Because we have been very successful in having these motions denied by the courts, we have, in essence, effectively shut down the employers’ game plan. We are able to do this because we are selective in the cases we take. As we are so frequently reminded by the courts, “Title VII is not a civility code.” This simply means that not every slight or harm experienced by an employee at the workplace merits a legal remedy. And rightfully so–otherwise our courts would be flooded with frivolous complaints.  Thus, if you are an employee bringing a claim against your employer, we will be honest with you and decline your case if we feel the facts do not warrant a favorable outcome.

Consequently, we only accept those cases we feel that we can win, or which have a favorable legal precedent. The benefit of this approach is that if we have accepted your case for litigation, there is a very high likelihood that we are going to win the case for you.

The second reason is that a good part of our practice is dedicated to employment law. It’s a majority, if not all, of our caseload. Nothing brings us more joy than to know that today, the little guy with the minimum wage job or abusive supervisor was able to take on his big, powerful employer and win!

The third and most important reason is that to us, you are not just a client, but a partner in our fight for equality and civil rights. You are a member of our tribe! We started this law firm because we honestly believe that the system is skewed in favor of employers. We also believe that as an employee who has been terminated, discriminated against, or not paid full wages in the workplace, you need to be heard, and your story needs to be told. You have already been humiliated by your employer and you need someone who has the ability to empathize with you. We were not always attorneys. And prior to being attorneys, we worked in minimum wage jobs, had our wages stolen by employers, and were terminated. We understand, both personally and professionally, what you are going through.

The Honorable Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes of the U.S. Supreme Court once said, “the life of the law is not logic, but experience.” Laws are not created in a vacuum, but rather as far as the Civil Rights Acts and other Employment laws are concerned, they are a direct response to the injustices in our society and the workplace. These laws embody the nation’s desire to punish unjust workplace behavior, and we are ever mindful of this.

Consequently, our only job is to ensure that your rights are vindicated under the laws.

We do this by working very closely with you, always calling or e-mailing you, always asking questions about your case. Employment law cases take a long time to resolve, and we are going to be working with you regularly in developing the case and facts until the necessary result is achieved. We cannot do this alone, and we need you as our partner, as a member of our Tribe! 

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