He also kept me informed of the proceeding every step of the way; I thought I had my own personal company attorney.
– G&J Trucking, Employment Client

Boston Bombing Will Increase Discrimination, Retaliation & Harassment Against American Muslims & Sikhs in the Workplace

American FlagAs news of the suspects involved in the Boston bombings continues to unfold, it is likely only a matter of time before American Muslims and others with Arab or Middle Eastern like features, including Sikh Americans, members of the distinct faith of Sikhism, will experience increased harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace because of their religion, ethnicity, and national origin. 

This is indeed unfortunate, as the acts of 2 delusional men is not reflective of the entire Muslim community, most of whom are law abiding and respectful American citizens,  just as the acts of Timothy McVeigh who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, and Paul Kevin Curtis, who has been charged with sending a ricin laced envelope to President Obama, is not reflective of all Caucasian men.

In fact it is chaotic moments like these when the rule of law becomes paramount, and that we do not allow our inner passions of revenge, and retribution to creep into the American workplace. We are presently working on a case where a female Muslim of Arab heritage was being harassed by her employer and supervisor because of her race and religion.  If you or a family member is experiencing harassment, retaliation or other discriminatory treatment at the workplace, including a sudden or uncalled for termination or suspension because of your race, religion or ethnicity, kindly contact us to further discuss this. 

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